Horoscope for November 2019


In November, it will be difficult to gather one’s thoughts and do something that previously did not have enough time and energy. Many will have to show ambitiousness and leadership skills.

In terms of energy and emotional impact, this month promises to be difficult for many people. Especially those who want to stay away from events for some time and think over further actions. A maelstrom of events and adventures, intrigues and constant affairs will force you to spend a lot of time on conversations, various affairs and the fact that you will constantly feel in the center of events.

In addition, in November, chronic diseases, various experiences and traumatic events associated with psychological trauma will worsen. Get ready for the fact that you have to show endurance, strength or openly declare to others about your desires and aspirations. Many will even have to demonstrate fighting qualities, so keep the situation under control.

In addition, November is fraught with aggression and aggravation of relations with people.

Love Horoscope for November 2019

A month will help test feelings. It will be favorable for a career, but in his personal life and relationships it can bring unexpected and extremely unpleasant surprises and scandals. To avoid trouble, try to do what you are really interested in and focus on work, although relationships with people, especially negative ones, will constantly remind you about troubles and scandals. Show your character, but do not rush to conclusions, as you can easily get into an unpleasant situation.

Those who seek love will have to face coldness and unexpected troubles in their personal lives. Lovers will have to endure conflicts, coldness and even betrayal of a loved one. For example, if a woman’s friend turns out to be a lovebird, and a man’s wife turns up an affair with a boss.

Difficult situations will periodically arise in friendly, family and business relations. There is a high probability of treachery, deceit and betrayal where you do not expect anything like that. In conjugal life there is the likelihood of love triangles, conflicts and betrayals. However, all troubles will be resolved in an unexpected way. Get ready for the fact that you have to show character.

Financial horoscope for November 2019

In monetary terms, November will be a month of accumulation and change in the business sphere of life. At this time, you will work hard, spending money on small needs and food.

Thanks to your sociability and business spirit, you will be able to achieve a lot in your life. Moreover, your life can become really bright and interesting, unlike what happens in your life before. But some will plunge into routine or will seek justice in relations with others.

November will not be conducive to large purchases, however, if necessary, do so. Buy what is really interesting and important to you. Only in this case you can not only cope with all the difficulties, but also do what you were counting on. For large purchases, the month is not suitable, but you can think about what you are going to buy next month and earn on what you had dreamed about before. But before you get the result, you have to work hard.

Horoscope of work and career for November 2019

November will force many people to show business qualities, leadership, activity and sociability. Some will have to do a lot of organizational or routine work, which will force them to change their attitude to various activities or to think about their actions. Get ready for the fact that you have to work hard, despite all the obstacles.

A month will be especially difficult for those who are satisfied with their place of work and do not want to change anything in their own life. Thanks to assertiveness and the desire to overcome external obstacles, you can save a familiar place and find time for communication and creativity. So do not limit yourself – it is better to overcome laziness, which can become the main obstacle to achieving the goal.

But for those who want to realize their creative or leadership potential, it will be very difficult to engage in serious projects. They will not only have to go against the direct or indirect pressure of society, but also daily to prove that they are the best for the chosen project and activity. Only qualities such as hard work, ambitiousness and creativity will help you achieve significant success in your work and even open a business if you have long been planning to do this.

Health horoscope for November 2019

November will prove to you once again the truth that all diseases are from nerves and in our minds. Many will have to make sure of this from their own experience, especially if there will be a lot of conflict around or if there will be aggressiveness and unwillingness to do something from what you had planned before. Moreover, constant tension will contribute to the fact that you will be very worried about troubles, scandals and constant quarrels. So you should do something that is interesting and worth your attention. Then luck will be on your side and you can really achieve a lot in your life, and poor health will gradually become strong and certainly will not hinder the achievement of your goals and results.

For those who dream of losing weight, it’s best not to set strict limits. Intensive work, activity and dedication will contribute to your strength, good health and pleasant relationships, which you always dreamed about. It is better to give everything to the occasion, since the only obstacle to health will be only your laziness. Try not to abuse fatty and high-calorie foods, heavy foods and not eat too much to resist laziness and spleen.

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Horoscope for October 2019

gettyimages-879249428_720The horoscope for October 2019 promises a lot of business trips and on personal matters. Lonely people during a trip will meet a loved one. It will not be just a passing hobby, but a real, strong feeling. Try not to disappoint yourself and your chosen one, but be extremely sincere in moments of intimacy.

If you aim for mutually beneficial contracts and deals, then all this will be held at the highest level. The month is rich in financial success and social events, after which credibility will be strengthened. Do not doubt your strength, then people around you will also believe in you. The horoscope for October 2019 advises to be restrained during disputes, showdowns with colleagues, otherwise conflicts can not be avoided.

01 ariesAries (March 21 to April 20)

Aries will not need special efforts and space energy. To qualitatively approach the main job. On another side, you will be more inspired by your own ideas that will help you go up, increase income.

Horoscope predicts Aries envious glances of colleagues, gossip. But you do not care, because the goal is clear – the implementation of new projects and material well-being.

What often ruins a good relationship between lovers? Of course, unreasonable jealousy. This is exactly what will happen at Aries this month. You will be suspected and blamed for everything by your loved one. Be careful, otherwise it’s not far from parting.

The horoscope of the family Aries advises to become closer to the children, not only to find mutual understanding, but also help them solve age-related problems. In the middle of autumn, many family holidays, public events, and joint movie trips are expected.

02 taurusTaurus (April 21 – May 21)

Taurus has a successful, fruitful and, most importantly, profitable month. You will never even complain about fate, because everything is ok. Refuse from frank conversations with colleagues, otherwise everything said in an instant will become public property.

Taurus will have to financially, morally help friends, and also avoid conflicts with relatives. Any harsh word or wrong action and … you are knocked out.

The horoscope promises a lonely Taurus an unforgettable and, possibly, fateful meeting. But nothing good can be said about couples. Solid quarrels on financial grounds, jealousy, domestic squabbles.

03 geminiGemini (from May 22 to June 21)

The Gemini should not expect anything grandiose, promising from October. The black stripe changes light and so on. It is advisable to first engage in the implementation of ideas, and then simply observe the events taking place.

The horoscope recommends that all efforts be directed to your health, the settlement of interpersonal relationships, and the financial field. Gemini should not deal with other people’s problems, this is a thankless thing. Avoid risk, criminal situations, and also stop complaining about fate, otherwise you will scare all worthy friends and fans by whining.

Twins who have a family will have an affair with a colleague. Well, it’s like an embarrassment, which can easily destroy a marriage. But this will not happen, because the Gemini will come to their senses in time, will maintain a relationship with their loved one.

For lonely Gemini, the astrological forecast for October 2019 does not promise anything specific. But from dates and offers there will be no end.

04 cancerCancer (from June 22 to July 22)

Cancer has intrigues at work, which weave envious colleagues. It’s a shame, but your outstanding success negatively affect the mood of some individuals. What should be done in this case? Firstly, calm down, ignore the views of those who are not good for soles. Secondly, do not bring this “garbage” home. Otherwise, conflicts will begin with family people.

Many Cancers will find a new job – interesting, promising. Relations with loved ones will become more beautiful than before. Family Cancers need to remember their first “honeymoon” in order to repeat it for an encore.

Astrologers promises a lonely Cancer woman meeting with a man who will become everything to her – friend, lover and even older brother. Just do not be so timid, secretive yourself, but take the initiative during a date.

05 leoLeo (from July 23 to August 23)

Horoscope recommends Leo to look at his old friends and just acquaintances. Do not be surprised, but among them there may be real scammers, cheaters. If you have recently opened your own business, then there can be no talk of developing it in the vastness of the West.

Leo needs to be as delicate as possible in communication with friends. Moreover, soon you will need support on their part. These are not selfish plans, but the financial side cannot be discarded with an account.

In love with Leo, a terrible scandal is planned. The horoscope will try to protect you from a showdown, but you’d better tell your chosen one why you are late at work. Family Leo has everything, as in a rich kingdom – without problems, worries and criticisms.

In autumn, long-standing illnesses often remind about themselves, so Leo will have to clutch, sometimes for the stomach, then for the heart, and sometimes for the lush head. Sign up to a doctor to take the necessary tests, to be examined.

06 virgoVirgo (from August 24 to September 23)

Virgos will have bright changes in their personal life. You will meet a man destined by fate. Love will be so strong, sincere that you will forget about past disappointments. The main thing is that the Virgos themselves took the initiative in the relationship.

In family life, Virgo has no barriers to the implementation of plans. If they relate to travel, then collect everything you need for the trip. Many Virgos are destined to become a newly made parent or grandmother. Financial spending will be more significant than expected.

In order not to be in a difficult financial situation, the horoscope advises Virgo to save twice as much. Do not save up debts, but rather give back everything that you borrowed before. Strengthening the immune system, do not forget about hiking, active sports and quality food. All this will help Virgo to become physically stronger, filled with positive energy.

07 libraLibra (from September 24 to October 23)

A great month awaits Libra, so do not worry. There is a chance to rise up in the work, improve the material standard of living, and prove your skills to colleagues.

The horoscope does not recommend Libra to refuse even small, boring work. It will bring even more benefits than large and long-term projects. Before concluding a contract or a deal, Libra must double-check all documents, conditions for further cooperation.

The love sphere of Libra is not overshadowed by quarrels, conflicts with the chosen one. You will be so sweet, courteous that there will be no reason for a gruelling showdown.

Horoscope predicts a lonely Libra a great opportunity to make a fateful acquaintance. Just do not need to demonstrate their gloomy mood during the first date. Family Libra will have teenage children in the foreground, whose upbringing needs to be dealt with thoroughly.

08 scorpioScorpio (from October 24 to November 22)

Significant events, great discoveries await Scorpio. You can charm everyone whom you are not indifferent with your magic smile. Thanks to such a good “mission” you will make new friends, passionate lovers and reliable business partners.

The horoscope promises Scorpio a decent premium, lucrative contracts. At the end of the month, many will go on a trip during which they will meet a wonderful person. Let your relationship not be eternal, but leave an unforgettable trace in the soul. But Scorpio will be able to start a business cooperation in a business with a new friend.

The horoscope does not advise Scorpio to engage in extreme sports, otherwise injuries will turn out to be serious. Accurate driving a car, especially if you are going on a long journey.

09 sagittariusSagittarius (from November 23 to December 21)

If Sagittarius has problems, they will come from the financial side. By the way, you yourself are to blame for being penniless. It is good that relatives and friends are nearby, otherwise they would have got into loans. In the love sphere, the horoscope for October 2019 predicts Sagittarius harmony and happiness. Not a single quarrel with the chosen one for the whole month – well, this is a record!

As the saying goes: “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.” This can be fully attributed to the health of Sagittarius, which will feel “broken and sick.” You need to rest more, sleep longer and eat according to the regimen. The horoscope recommends being examined in a clinic and find out for what reason weakness and malaise appear. Perhaps more often to be in the fresh air and think positively? Or be alone to accumulate energy and strength.

The inveterate bachelors of Sagittarius need to change their location for at least a few days. There is a chance to fall in love, and then get married. Moreover, successfully and for life.

10 capricornCapricorn (from December 22 to January 20)

Capricorn will see in front of him (her) – work and career. All this is interconnected, so do not forget about minor tasks. The more persistent you are, the faster your ambitious goals will be realized.

Horoscope predicts Capricorn a high position, as well as household chores and family problems. Buy new furniture and diversify the interior. Capricorn has the opportunity to make peace with those with whom they are constantly at enmity.

Capricorn is not distinguished by sensuality and tenderness, but the horoscope advises him to slightly change. If you are more romantic and sincere in feelings, then you yourself will understand how they love you. Capricorn’s health can be getting worse only for one reason – negligence. You do not need to be treated yourself, even if you know the medical encyclopedia by heart.

11 aquariusAquarius (from January 21 to February 19)

From long journeys and trips by car, Aquarius should be abandoned. Well, if they are not urgent enough. On the way, try to eat fresh food.

Horoscope predicts clashes with Aquarius colleagues, who are always marked in its rightful place. Do not let them do more than they can do. Aquarius should become more confident, more restrained emotionally.

With family Aquarius, life will flow in the usual way, without worries, household problems. Lonely people should not expect to meet with love, but you will plunge headlong into romantic and easy acquaintances.

Astrologers promises Aquarius an excellent financial position. If you have desire to buy something expensive, then do not doubt your decision. About recreation and entertainment with friends, Aquarius will remember at the end of the month. But a small holiday will be fun and promising in the professional field.

12 piscesPisces (from February 20 to March 20)

The horoscope advises Pisces to spend this month at home, talking with relatives and children. You need to take a break from work and abstract from financial problems. Moreover, the situation with money is not so complicated. In October 2019, Pisces needs to say no to those projects that initially seem absurd to them. It is possible that you are specially deceived to take all the winner’s laurels and, of course, money.

In the middle of the month, Pisces will benefit from a long-standing passion that will add inspiration and optimism. Finally, it can be said with dignity that you are a man of action, not words.

Horoscope does not promise Pisces a radical change in personal, family life. Everything goes the old way, but if you want, then become the initiator of something extraordinary in a relationship. The month is suitable for visiting a beauty salon, a dentist and buying fashionable clothes.

Whatever your October is, it’s a month of bright changes. Changes will occur in all areas – working, love and financial. It is advisable to embark on a healthy lifestyle, engage in home improvement, body shaping.

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Horoscope for September 2019


According to the forecast of astrologers, September will be hectic, lively and very different for Zodiac Signs.

Together with the September rains, we will encounter various, mostly minor, difficulties. Areas that can be particularly troubling are the ones related to career and money. This month is also far from successful for everyone in terms of events related to marriage, engagement, divorces and weddings. The reason is the cluster of planets in Virgo. But whoever is warned will be able to neutralize the dangers: if you spend the coming September without excitement, risk and significant changes, concentrating on trifles and routine affairs, it is quite possible to turn the most unfavorable month into a rather successful one.

01 ariesAries (March 21 to April 20)

Representatives of Aries may miss the great opportunities that Mars will open before them in Virgo if they start to postpone important matters for later. Astrologers advise using their best qualities and already revealed talents to the maximum. If Aries can defeat the inertia of this month, it will open before them new amazing prospects related to work, money and love. Focusing on success and activity in the coming weeks can work wonders, acting better than any conspiracy. If Aries do not yet know which direction to go and what talents to put into practice, they can always look into the list of famous Aries and choose something for themselves.

02 taurusTaurus (April 21 – May 21)

Starting in the first days of September, the best that Taurus can do is to prioritize correctly. Embracing the immensity in a few days is not the most winning tactic. You can wait for pleasant surprises no earlier than September 14 (Venus will move to Libra), so from 1 to 13 it’s better to focus only on the most necessary, so as not to waste energy on unnecessary and exhausting little things. The second and third decades of the month are favorable for establishing family relations, concluding thoughtful marriages, as well as for planning and organizing a honeymoon. Venus in Libra gives a green light so that Taurus can restore order in love, and suggests that along with love, the finances will noticeably improve as well.

03 geminiGemini (from May 22 to June 21)

In the coming September, Gemini will be the only Sign that the stars will favor when concluding even risky transactions and participating in adventures. Under the auspices of active Mercury, from September 1 to September 14, representatives of this Sign will find the key to the lock, which they have been trying to open for a long time. If the intention is marked by fate, the efforts will succeed, and all restrictions will fall. The beginning of Fall is a great moment for everything new. Mercury will encourage the pursuit of goals using any possible paths, including workarounds. If everything goes according to plan, it’s fine, but if slipping in business is outlined, dailyhoro.ru experts advise to be flexible: do not break through a closed door, but find an emergency entrance.

04 cancerCancer (from June 22 to July 22)

In September, it is better for Cancers to pay attention to health. Based on the observations of astrologers, a lot will depend on physical and emotional well-being. Jupiter will open up new possibilities, but to storm the peaks with the Fall blues and colds is not a good idea, so remember on occasion the affirmations of health and success. Dissatisfaction with oneself, their life, relationships and salaries are common experiences of Cancers, but with the advent of Fall season, many representatives of this Sign can break personal records. Reducing the degree of discontent will help in making order in thoughts and life.

05 leoLeo (from July 23 to August 23)

The sun settled in Virgo and will remain there until September 23, in connection with which astrologers promise the Lions a very productive month, and it’s a sin not to use it. The sun strengthens such qualities as determination, willpower, a lively mind, penetrative abilities and intuition. They will solve almost any issues. The only danger is that Lions and others will be determined to suppress, but not to fulfill. The desire for personal freedom can be combined with the thirst to control others, which will add to the problems with reputation and competition in different areas of life. Astrologers advise Leo to turn to their talismans. In the Fall season, the energy of Fire will definitely not be superfluous. It is recommended to light candles and incense, surround yourself with warm rugs and impressions, bright colors and comfort. The energy will quickly recover.

06 virgoVirgo (from August 24 to September 23)

Who should pull the claws and reduce activity is Virgo. The risk of failure, exacerbated by the accumulation of planets in their own constellation, has been elevated to the limit. Not only gambling investments or risky steps are contraindicated, but also rash decisions. The priority is now logic and pragmatism. September offers to take advantage of such qualities as sobriety of thought and discretion. In the coming weeks, logic will prevail even in love – the month is completely unsuitable for romance, but ideal for thoughtful proposals. From the good news: creativity will be at its peak in September. True, the abstractness of thoughts can turn around: astrologers warn of such a trap as withdrawal into oneself and separation from reality.

07 libraLibra (from September 24 to October 23)

The lethargy and apathy caused by either Venus in Virgo or the beginning of Fall will be balanced by the gift of persuasion, which will increase many times from September 14 to 30. The external calmness of Libra will awaken complete confidence in their words in everyone. Speeches filled with persuasiveness in every sound will be useful not only in work. With their help it will be possible to solve problems with family, to understand family conflicts and to defend their interests in any dispute. In addition, Libra is waiting for others, no less pleasant surprises, for example, a serious improvement in health and finding inner harmony. Astrologers advise trying out unusual ways to achieve balance.

08 scorpioScorpio (from October 24 to November 22)

In September, scorpions will have to change their behavior and surprise everyone. Active and restless Pluto no longer expects empty talk about high matters from them. No, it wants the Scorpions to act without knowing doubt. Only then luck will become their guide. According to the forecasts of astrologers, there comes a time when it will be very important for the representatives of this Sign to maintain sobriety of thoughts and avoid the captivity of illusions. Saturn will leave the retrograde on September 18 and put in a fog: fears, doubts, complexes, delusions will wake up to bring down the target. It is important to treat everything with a degree of skepticism and not to trust people who do not deserve it.

09 sagittariusSagittarius (from November 23 to December 21)

Sagittarius will have a streak of special luck in financial and personal matters, but the upcoming positive changes may be slightly overshadowed by the need for important and urgent decisions. September’s unpredictability is the key to accomplishment and luck. Otherwise, astrologers advise relying on themselves, and not on someone else’s authority. If you allow yourself to decide what to do in a given situation, things will immediately go uphill. Sagittarius detractors want to sympathize with, because everyone who gets in their way this month is at risk of major losses. The activity of Jupiter will greatly help the representatives of this Sign to bypass any ingenious traps and end the toxic relationship.

10 capricornCapricorn (from December 22 to January 20)

Mars and Saturn will present a chance to drastically change lives of those born under the Sign of Capricorn, but with one correction: until September 18, you need to spend all your energy on things that do not require deep emotions, especially negative ones. Until this day, astrological trends can lead to extremes, so that any disruption of plans will create new problems. But if you direct energy into a peaceful direction, success will come, which will entail significant changes for the better. An important point: from September 18 to 30, the Universe will require a specific refusal or confirmation. Delay in these dates risks turning into a missed chance.

11 aquariusAquarius (from January 21 to February 19)

In September, Saturn will leave the retro phase, which will entail changes, resolution of “hanging” problems and creation of new conditions for success. Unfortunately, metamorphoses will come no earlier than September 18, so the general cleaning of their fate may be slightly delayed. From September 1 to September 17, a high risk of failure will overshadow any business, but it will be a great time to rethink our plans and set new goals and objectives. It’s wise to take up grand changes at the end of September. Actions from 18 to 30 will bring the result closer, even if Aquarius doubt their own abilities. At this time, astrologers advise them to try new strategies, experiment with looks, take on new things and projects. Bold ideas will expand horizons.

12 piscesPisces (from February 20 to March 20)

Pisces will experience an energetic rise in September: from September 14 to 30, Venus will stay in Libra, reinforcing and strengthening the energy of its wards. Supporting positive trends is possible in affordable ways: meditation, brewing herbs to increase energy, breathing exercises and affirmations. This month it is very important to take care of yourself and your inner world: taking care of yourself will raise your mood, improve productivity and self-confidence, which means that the month will pass productively. It is important for Pisces to break the nets of procrastination, catch luck by the tail and boldly go forward. Nervousness, tight deadlines, irresponsibility and working until you lose consciousness will be the worst fellow travelers in September. If you allow the negative to prevail, the consequences can be unfavorable, especially in personal and monetary terms.

Whatever your September is, we wish you a safe month and a successful start to the Fall. Follow your personal priorities and remember the power of a positive attitude, because no one has canceled the law of attraction, which works at any time at maximum. Often look at horoscopes and do not forget to press https://www.facebook.com/MyDreamHoroscope