10 magic words that improve your relations!

“Word” is more than just successive sounds, syllables, and letters. Moreover, it is something magical, sacred, closely related to the things it represents. Meanwhile, today we constantly feel that words have power over us. They not only represent objects, names, feelings, activities, and events, but also make us feel the physical and mental effects of these things. The word often has the same effect as drugs, only much faster and stronger. Our brain not only remembers the value or the correct spelling of certain words, but also reliably encodes any physical and mental experience that we received in connection with the word. Thus, the word spoken aloud or to yourself again and again raises the experiences of the past with the same force of emotions and bodily reactions.shutterstock_223312288

Well, here are the phrases that have a “magical” ability to strengthen and improve the relations (if they are absolutely sincere, of course)!

circle-star-icon-blueWords expressing the desire to make peace with the partner – “Let’s try to understand each other and find a common solution,” “I really want to make peace and to be with you!”

circle-star-icon-blueApologies for the partner brought pain, violence, insults: “I’m sorry, I was wrong”, “I’m sorry for offending you!”.

circle-star-icon-blueWords-recognition of mistakes. “Yes, I made a mistake,” “You were right”

circle-star-icon-blueWord-recognition that quarrel or conflict with your partner and cause a serious impact on your emotional well-being. “I suffer because of the fact that we had an argument.”

circle-star-icon-bluePhrases that express a desire to understand the pain and suffering of another. “I really want to understand you,” “I will try to improve my behavior”.

circle-star-icon-bluePhrases, emphasizing the importance of participating of your partner in joint events, holidays, activities. “I want to go see this movie with only you (go to this exhibition),” “I want you to go to your friends” and so on.

circle-star-icon-blueWords describing your attitude, “positive” feelings to the partner, his (her) value in your eyes. “You are very dear to me”, “I love you so much!”, “I really need you”, «I appreciate your sincerity (love, trust, tenderness, etc.).” It is particularly important to emphasize the importance of long-term relationship with a partner (if you really want to be with him for a long time).

circle-star-icon-bluePhrases that express a desire to find out what the interests of partners that he feels or thinks. “I wonder what kind of music you love,” “What do you like for breakfast?”, “What do you feel when …?”, “I care about your opinion.”

circle-star-icon-blueWords expressing your “negative” feelings towards the partner with a clear explanation of what has caused this condition. “I feel angry when you call me a fool “.

circle-star-icon-blueWord of appreciation for the good things done or is doing now in relation to your partner. “Thank you, that you gave me a real feast!”, “It is very important that you call me s lot from abroad,” “I’m very grateful that you supported me so much! »

In conclusion, the magic words are a “psychological home first aid kit” necessary for everyday life. So why don’t we use it?!


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