5 Dreams You Should Never Ignore

Your dreams are important representations of the real events occurring in your life. While some may be trivial, they all have meaning – and in fact some be important signs you can’t ignore.

Here are 5 types of dreams you need to be aware of, and what they mean:

  • Animals
    It is widely believed in many cultures that an animal in your dream represents your “totem spirit” – the animal that is most similar to your innate personality or your hopes and dreams. But it all depends on what type of animal. Wild animals, for example, may represent your deep subconscious desires.
  • Flying
    Flying in a dream (whether in an airplane or like a bird) is a sign that you are ready to overcome a major challenge, obstacle or limitation in your life. However, if you begin to fall 07 little-angel-381043_640when flying, this may be a sign of an unsteady moral compass.
  • Food
    Food dreams often represent an unfilled desires, whether it be sexual, career-related or even just a hobby you always wanted to try but never had the time.
  • Chases
    If you dream of being chased, it’s likely you’re dealing with issues of anxiety or vulnerability. But if you confront the person (or thing) chasing you in the dream, it means you’re ready to face a challenge in real life.

Mystical or sacred objects
These objects could be anything from a unicorn to a cross, and it generally means you are seeking (or need to seek) a higher power to guide you in your daily life. You are searching for a deeper meaning about something that may soon have a much bigger significance in your life.


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