7 methods of reading a person used by fortune-tellers and psychics

psychicIf a very good psychic, a medium or a fortune teller literally reads your life inside out, this does not mean that the miracle of the Lord is in front of you. It’s just that you are gullible!

And we at mydreamhoroscope.com will now prove this to you, by demonstrating 8 psychological techniques of the so-called cold reading, which is basically used by all “visionaries”. By the way, having trained, you can also use them.

7. Feeling

Quite a simple, but effective method is probing, or visual monitoring. This is a detailed analysis of a person’s appearance, which can tell a lot about them (high cost of clothes, wrinkles, style, accessories, demeanor, dialect, jargon, etc.). There is no need to dive deep inside this because its so clear. Let’s move on to the next one.

6. Barnum Effect

Rate this description. This is about you.

“You are pretty self-critical. You feel that you have a huge untapped potential. You have weaknesses, but in general you can compensate for them. You like periodic changes and diversity, restrictions inhibit you. You are proud of your ability to think outside the box and independent reasoning. At times, you are open and sociable, and sometimes you are secretive and skeptical of everything. At times you seriously doubt the correctness of your chosen path. Confidence in the future is one of the key goals in your life. ”

Did we guess?

It seems to you that this is about you, right?

In fact, this is just the Barnum effect.

This effect is derived from experiments of psychologist Phineas Barnum. It lies in the fact that people very highly appreciate the accuracy of such personal descriptions, if they believe that they are created individually for them. In fact, they are so generalized and indefinite that they can equally well be applied to many other people. Most horoscopes are written using the Barnum effect, as well as many mediums give advice and descriptions, guided by them. Evaluate these examples yourself:

“Recently it seems to you that you are making a mistake and do not know what to do. Believe me, you must rely on intuition and sensations. ”

“You have a secret enemy among your loved ones. You may not even realize this yourself, but it has a big and not very positive impact on your life. ”

“In general, you are an honest and principled man, but you have had occasions in your life when you had to retreat from your views.”

Unfortunately, sagging under the authority and magical voice of various mediums and psychics, most people naively perceive these common phrases as manifestations of the supernatural.

Meanwhile, the average predictor should only choose the method by which they will be able “read” a person, for example, by loking at your hand. Drawing on the hands is not important, but it is important to have an average description, in which you will believe.

5. Throwing Fishing Rods

You can ask questions that are structured as if they were statements. For example, a psychic begins:

– “I see that you have problems,” and this is logical, because without problems you would not have come to him.

– Yes.

– “They are connected with personal life?” – there are not so many global spheres in life.

– Yes.

If the psychic does not fail, it will not look like a failure, he didn’t say anything, it will look just like a question for diagnosis. In any case, during such session you clarify the situation yourself.

4. Reception “You are the chosen one, Neo”

It is interesting when a psychic forces a person to fully believe in what he reveals about the client (which the cllient did not know about himself). Usually they it is just a lucky guess. For example, many would agree with the words of a psychic: “You have unreal potential that you do not use, but always guessed it exists.”

Correction: of course, discoveries like “You always knew that you are a very bad person” will never be used by a medium, because people do not want to hear the negative.

3. Shotgun Shooting

The purpose of this technique is to list all possible options, because at least one will hit the target. “What naive nonsense!” – you will think, but in the meantime, if the medium starts saying out a list of  options: “I see, see your father, no, grandfather, no, no. Mother – no either. Yeah, sister, ”and at the moment when he stumbles upon the right option, you will involuntarily cry out:“ Exactly, exactly, this is a sister! ”And people usually admire how this charlatan guessed right!

2. Assigning what was said to yourself

Another of the medium’s compulsory skills is, having heard the statement from the client, to say that he had known this for a long time. And with such a mysterious look, that the client will undoubtedly believe that he really knew. Also, they love to finish phrases for customers themselves, using logic, but literally exuding magic:

– My job is fine with me, but …

“But do you feel that something is wrong with it?”

– Exactly! Yes, you just see through me!

After all, a person who is completely satisfied with his work will not come to a psychic with stories about it. The same way “negotiating” a thought is used if an error is made:

– My job is fine with me, but …

“But do you feel that something is wrong with it?”

– No, everything is fine with it, but with my wife …

– You feel that work interferes with your relationship with your wife.

– Exactly! Yes, you just see through me!

In general, do not be naive. This is pure logic.

1. Removal of responsibility

Before reading a person, an average medium should, of course, mention the subtlety of matter in parallel reality, that the Universe will send him information (with interference), and that this informtion can have a different meaning for each person, so “you really interpret it as you know, because only you really know yourself.”

Did you fall under the influence of such predictors? Or, on the contrary, witnessed a real miracle?



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