How to choose a pet by horoscope

Every sign of the zodiac has its favourite pets. Someone prefers cheerful and frisky, someone prefers imperceptible and silent animals, but someone in the house needs them just to get rid of the feeling of loneliness.

But which animal suits your zodiac sign?

Astrologers recommend choosing it in strict accordance with their zodiacal affiliation.


Aries (March 21 – April 20)

People born under this sign are purposeful, quite energetic, mobile and decisive. They are very often leaders in their companies and love everything big and strong. Their suitable animals are: Irish Terrier, Doberman, Rottweiler, Mastiff and other mobile dogs that are distinguished by good temper (if they are not taught to another).


Taurus (April 21 – May 20)

These people pay special attention to tactile sensations, but they are almost always busy with all sorts of things. Therefore, their choice should fall on the beautiful animals, which do not require constant care. These include: pomeranian, aquarium fish, cats of various breeds.


Gemini (May 21 – June 21)

Representatives of this sign are very talkative and friendly. It is very difficult for them to be in peace and quiet for more than a few hours. Therefore, they should choose not animals, but birds that can be taught to talk: a grey African, a wavy parrot or a cockatoo.


Cancer (June 22 – July 22)

What kind of pet fits this zodiac sign? One that can be cared for (kittens, hamsters, dogs of dwarf breeds, giant Achatina snails, turtles, etc.). After all, Cancers themselves are very responsible and haunted, love to take care of everyone.


Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Lions love everything unusual and extravagant, always trying to be the center of attention. And they are characterized by special impulsiveness. Therefore, they choose animals almost by chance, at the behest of the heart. Perfectly suited for this zodiac sign: pedigreed cats (for example, Siamese, stolid Persians or friendly sphinxes), rats, chinchillas.


Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Pedantic and loving order. For them it is better to start with clean and friendly animals, from which there is not a lot of dirt. These are: Bernese herdsmen or Chinese crested dogs, Italian greyhound, sphinx cats, aquarium fish.


Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Scales in everything, always looking for harmony and beauty and have impeccable taste. They love to have fun. Therefore, they should pay attention to the animals which can both entertain and satisfy their aesthetic hunger. These include: the pink-cheeked lovebird parrot, canaries, squirrels, kittens, puppies. It is better to abstain from acquiring animals which should be raised.


Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

It is best for epatage, extravagant, inquisitive and impressionable representatives of this sign to have calm, quiet behaved pets in their home: iguana, tarantulas, boas or crocodiles. These exotic animals will not cause them anxiety. Out of ordinary animals, only those with black colors can be purchased. With other Scorpios do not get along.


Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

The benevolent and energetic Sagittarius will like large and noble pets: medium and large sized dogs, horses, smart rats. They will be able to be real companions with whom you can actively spend your own time.


Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Practical and ambitious Capricorns need animals that will obey them in everything. At the same time, they should emphasize the status of their owner. After all, the desire to climb the social ladder of representatives of this sign is in their blood. Which pets best fit this? German Shepherd Dogs, Domestic Lynx (Pixioboi), Great Danes or Exotic Cats.


Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

So individualists like Aquarius, they need to choose animals to match thems – cold, exotic and unusual. Best suited are: exotic iguanas and dogs of unusual breeds (for example, Labradors or Yorkshire terriers). In addition, they can purchase animals that no one else knows (for example, capybaras or miniature donkeys).


Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Pisces will be suited with any animals that do not need special care (for example, tropical fish).

As a Summary

As you can see, there is a special animal for each sign of the zodiac. You can choose it in accordance with your horoscope. However, the most important thing when choosing a pet is your attitude towards him. Think if you can love him first.

What does the month of your birth mean?

Many people know that their personality is largely predetermined by the sign of the zodiac. But professional astrologers say that, besides the sign itself, the month of birth also plays a big role.

The trick is that the twelve months do not exactly coincide with the twelve zodiac constellations: born, for example, in July may be Cancer and Leo, depending on the number. The July Leo and the August Leo are two completely different beasts, because the month leaves its mark on the character of the sign!


January – persistent winners.

People born in the first month of the year are endowed with strong character and impenetrable strength of will. Even if this is the easiest and most airy person, do not flatter yourself – her character will not be broken by any obstacles!

January birthday men endure the most incredible difficulties of life with dignity, with their heads held high. By nature, they are leaders and unknowingly looking for a person next to them who could compete with them. Decisive, self-confident and responsive, born in January, people most of all, oddly enough, suffer from their strength – sometimes it is difficult to find people who would correspond to them in scale and could equally well follow their principles.

February – windy personalities.

Those born in February seem to be incredibly charming romantics, but hiding behind this mask are a little selfish people who have a lots of ideas very few of which have been accomplished.

Those born in February can be both elegant snobs and intelligent people who are ready to give the world good and joy. However, they both suffer from mood swings and are unpredictable, which greatly hinders them in their careers and personal life.

6747824_818f61fdMarch – sensitive romance.

Kind, decent, vulnerable, receptive. People born in March hardly endure criticism and can burst into tears for all night if they are offended.

They are mistrustful, sensitive and sometimes indecisive people who can be quite successful if they master their nerves. If they are driven by emotions, then a prolonged depression can happen in their lives. However, in the most fundamental issues these people are sometimes even more uncompromising than those born in January and April.

April – die-hard careerists.

The April people are incredible materialists and are amazingly brave. It seems they are not afraid of anything! April born are decisive, self-confident, they are leaders, and sometimes in a rush of endless ideas and plans they can forget about tact and delicacy.

About women born in April, we can say that “she will stop a galloping horse with her bare hands”. Men and all can achieve the most unprecedented career heights, sweeping away everything in its path. At the same time, they are very passionate and tender in love, because in one way or another they strive for emotional balance.

May – reliable and stubborn.

Rested and uncompromising, born in May, it is difficult to make concessions, because they are very fond of power and control. In this case, you can get to an agreement with them only using logic and iron arguments.

The mood of May birthday men is changeable, but in general they are stable, loyal, reliable and principled people. In love, they are usually very passionate, and in their careers they reach incredible heights. Keeping up with the May people is almost impossible.

189210June – talented charismatics.

These are people of information, ideas, gossip, whims and mood swings. June birthday men are very vulnerable, but they hide it behind the armor of the complexes.

They are bright and talented people, excellent speakers and charismatic leaders, who, however, are subject to many vices. If the June birthday men will be able to defeat their weaknesses with the help of willpower, then the most brilliant future awaits them.

July – sweeping souls.

Difficult, contradictory, multifaceted and mysterious. July born men more than others strive for independence and freedom, but, having received it, they do not always know what to do with it. The paradox is that, being freedom-loving people, they themselves love to establish control and their own rules.

Those born in July are incredible egoists, but so charming that often they get away with it. These people know how to love and be friends, but deep down they look down on everyone.

August – passionate nature.

Born in August – passionate and emotional souls, who know a lot about sensual pleasures and who know how to live brightly.

They are distinguished by emotionality and vigor, people are drawn to them, the most interesting events always occur around them, but often, being leaders by nature and center of the company, these people become victims of intrigues because of their gullibility. However, the natural charm helps them to get out of any situation with their heads held high.

imageSeptember – successful hedonists.

People born in September are making huge strides in business and more than others have a chance to earn really huge money. There is a real calculator in their head.

At the same time, the September natures are able to enjoy life and know exactly what all these efforts are for – their love of wealth and comfort comes from a great love of self.

October – conflicting skeptics.

Difficult and changeable, outwardly these people seem to be the simplest good-natured people, but as soon as you dig deeper, you will see a contradictory mix of all sorts of emotions inherent in creative natures.

They doubt everything, but they wither away without constant emotional support, so one cannot wait for a quiet life next to those born in October. The bonus of communicating with them is getting into the whirlpool of interesting life situations – an adventure with them cannot be avoided!

November – mysterious intellectuals.

This Pandora’s box, the people of November, are the most mysterious personalities of all types. Willpower, charisma and intelligence – these are the three whales on which the characteristics of these many-sided people are based.

Among those born in November are a huge number of fatal women and dangerous men, charming manipulators, which act on others as a magnet. If it were not for internal fears and excessive ambitions, they could conquer the world. Not everyone manages to get out of the relationship with such a person without a loss – do not wait for a safe haven with the November born!

December – reasonable idealists.

Wise, strong and practical, people born in December seem to be a bulwark of prudence and common sense. But not everything is so simple in this life. December born are terrible idealists who, in the name of good goals, can sweep away everything in their path.

It is not easy to break them, but they themselves, falling into a whirlwind of passions and their own difficult ideas about life, love, good and evil, often receive unpleasant life lessons. Among those born in December there are a lot of authoritative people, whose opinion is trusted by the majority. They themselves tend to change their beliefs with age.

Horoscope for November 14

01 ariesHoroscope for November 14 Aries

You will be busy with family matters. Nothing is more important than this, and even a date can wait. The horoscope shows that on November 14, planning a shopping or other trips will take you a lot of time, but everyone will benefit from it.

02 taurusHoroscope for November 14 Taurus

You will be busy talking with friends and acquaintances. Do not forget that in addition to the phone there are also other forms of communication with people. Sometimes it’s better to just meet someone! An interesting idea of the autumn trip may appear exactly today.

03 geminiHoroscope for November 14, Gemini

You will be busy with calculations and planning for a variety of expenses. The more accurate you are now, the less financial problems await you in the near future.

04 cancerHoroscope for November 14 Cancer

You will seek to resolve all controversial issues amicably. However, do not be lazy and do something for others. The horoscope shows that 14.11 is an auspicious day for social communication and dating. In the evening, remember about the fulfillment of the promise or the gift.

10 capricornThe horoscope for November 14 Leo

You will feel weakened and deprived of energy for work. Today, on 14.11, do not do anything through force. An invitation from friends will surely revive you, it is worth a little fun. Today will be a success for love affairs.

06 virgoHoroscope for November 14, Virgo

In the morning you will be thinking about entertainment. Schedule time for your hobby. An evening meeting with your loved one will bring a feeling of happiness and satisfaction. Lonely people of your zodiac sign, according to astro prediction, can count on a new acquaintance on this day.

07 libraHoroscope for November 14 Libra

A good day is waiting for you. Do not postpone for later meetings that can help you in your career. As the astrological forecast for November 14 suggests, this is a good day for public speaking, but don’t demand too much from people. After lunch, everyone will want to relax, and not to actively work.

08 scorpioThe horoscope for November 14 Scorpio

If you want to break away from your daily life and routine for a moment, open up to the world. Planets favor such actions. You should rely on something from life! For your zodiac sign today, it is favorable to communicate with young  people and be open to everything new.

09 sagittariusHoroscope on November 14 Sagittarius 

You will do family finances. Keep track of your business and count every dollar. Maybe your debtors will make themselves known. Conversely, it is worth settling such issues with people who once lent you money.

05 leoThe horoscope for November 14 Capricorn

You have a good day ahead. Do not be lazy and do something serious, requiring effort. The evening is a good time to take care of your health, choose the right food and plan various sports activities.

11 aquariusHoroscope on November 14 Aquarius

You will use all your zeal and energy on this day to catch up with various professional debts. The ideas to which people of your zodiac sign will come today will soon bring the benefit and respect of superiors. It is worth a try!

12 piscesHoroscope for November 14 Pisces

For Pisces it will be an unusual day. You will discover who favors you and who acts to the detriment. Be careful, because, as the horoscope warns for November 14, increased suspicion can lead to unfair accusations, and in some cases it will be impossible to back up.