Cancer Love Compatibility

Cancer is extraordinary sensitive and peaceful. Financial stability, home comfort and confidence in the future plays a great role in Cancer’s life. His partner must be a strong-willed person who will survive the storms of life and protect in difficult situations. Cancer will be grateful for mutuality, and sometimes is eager to sacrifice for the sake of the relationships.

Cancer and Aries: It’s a pity, but Aries is not the best choice for Cancer. Lack of patience and passionate nature of Aries are too destructive for sensitive nature of Cancer.

Cancer and Taurus: Taurus is one of the most suitable partners for Cancer for long, happy and stable relationships. Both representatives of the zodiac are homebodies, who are keen on tasty food and high quality life. This couple can live together quite happily!

Cancer and Gemini: You should not consider this pair as something long-term. Sooner or later, the two-faced nature of Gemini will present an unexpected and offensive surprise to Cancer.

Cancer and Cancer: Emotional problems may exist in such union. None of the Cancers can see the positive side of this kind of relationships. Each person of this union will carry on their own problems.

Cancer and Leo: Leo is always a leader and enjoys attracting attention, so Cancer will often feel abandoned. Despite the fact that Leo can help Cancer in organizing different projects, Cancer’s complaining may turn his partner away from him.

Cancer and Virgo: There will be always the lack of passion in this union. But it doesn’t matter either of the signs. Safety and family hearth are more important for homebody Cancer and practical Virgo.

Cancer and Libra: Libra needs harmony and different entertainments, but these needs aren’t really suitable for Cancer. Cancer values his emotional stability and would prefer to stay at home than to have an exciting adventure.

Cancer and Scorpio: These signs are usually very attractive to each other, but their relationships often have some problems. However, they can easily overcome them. This union has the potential to develop into a real long-term relationship!

Cancer and Sagittarius: Lucky Sagittarius is too primitive for Cancer, but the otherness of each other is what attracts partners in this alliance. Yet, frankly speaking, this is not the best choice for long-term relationships.

Cancer and Capricorn: This pair is full of passion! But Capricorn is always short of time and does not like long dating and flirting with Cancer. However, Cancer can get more financial independence, confidence in the future and security from such relationships.

Cancer and Aquarius: Cancer is too sensitive to Aquarius’ detachment. Such unions aren’t built on honest relationships and there is always misunderstanding between partners.

Cancer and Pisces: Only a union of hearts can accommodate so much passion. Cancer and Pisces – probably the two most sensitive signs of the zodiac. Both partners understand each other easily, both play in the same game of love. This relationship can be successful only if the connection is honest and mutual.

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