Libra – Career and professions



Physical labor in any form for Libra is absolutely contraindicated: this sign gives rise to thinkers, not workers. Excessive loads will likely undermine the health of Libra, than increase their viability.

Much better for Libra’s is commercial activity, but they could not be brilliant businessmen because of very modest interest in money and the lack of a bulldog business acumen. In addition, the market often requires quick decisions, which is extremely difficult for Libra to take.

But the ability to rationally reason and assess the situation from different angles makes Libra very useful in lawmaking and social activities. In general, being able and loving to think over the future in small things, they usually become excellent designers, science fiction writers or futurists scientists.

Libra should choose a narrow specialization, since a wide profile of activity negatively affects their intellectual abilities. Having a penchant for medicine, a person born under this sign will become an excellent specialist in his field, but outside of it will feel extremely insecure.

Libra’s career usually develops unevenly, representing a series of ups and downs, but with a very small amplitude and smooth transitions. Libra are usually endowed with creative potential, but the choice to serve art is often hampered by, for example, the memory of artists whose genius the world noticed too late. Fearing poverty and obscurity, the Libra usually choose a more practical occupation, and, thanks to their ability to study the subject in depth and accumulate knowledge, succeed.