Careers By Zodiac: What Are You Meant To Do In Life?

If you’re unhappy at your job, or haven’t decided on a career, it may be because you’re not following the path that’s been laid out by your zodiac sign.

Your zodiac sign can reveal your ideal vocation and career path, because of unique personality traits and talents that are specific to your birthdate. Find your sign below to see which careers could make you happier, more fulfilled and content about your life.

01 ariesAries
The well-organized and aspiring Aries is best when self-employed, but other good careers include law enforcement, athletics, business manager / CEO, or a leader of any kind.

02 taurusTaurus
The consistent, determined Taurus likes to be in charge, especially in fields related to nature, property, performing arts, finance or architecture.

03 geminiGemini
Gemini excels in speaking and writing, and is destined for a career as a journalist, writer, speaker, poet, translator, reporter, marketing expert or professor.

04 cancerCancer
The caring and well-prepared Cancer is great in professions related to politics, families, children, healing, medicine, education and social work.

05 leoLeo
Ambitious Leo has the potential to be a great leader. Good careers include: sales, management, acting, teaching, business or also anything involving art, jewelry and luxuries.

11 career-111932_64006 virgoVirgo
The naturally critical Virgo is a quick learner and thus makes a great computer specialist, financial manager, executive assistant, medical practitioner, pharmacist or natural healer.

07 libraLibra
Careers in the arts, entertainment, interior design, fashion and law are great for Libra, who thrives on
harmony, balance and peace in the workplace.

08 scorpioScorpio
Scorpio is patient and resilient. Career matches include a researcher, astrologer, psychic, corporate manager, banker, financial adviser, politician, surgeon, scientist and computer designer.

09 sagittariusSagittarius
Sagittarius enjoys adventures and challenges, excelling in careers like international business, foreign relations, travel, entertainment, PR/marketing and fund raising.

10 capricornCapricorn
Capricorn has a proficiency in “fixing” people, which serves well in professions like a judge, manager, politician, gerontologist, archaeologist, university professor and lawyer.

11 aquariusAquarius
A natural pioneer and innovator, Aquarius is best-suited for careers as astronaut, pilot, astronomer, astrologer, scientist, humanitarian, neurosurgeon, psychic or engineer.

12 piscesPisces
The flexible and fluid Pisces is great for careers in music, theatre, film, photography, healing, writing and animals.