What color to wear on a particular day of the week

Inappropriate color creates a dissonance that knocks us out of the “stream of luck.” The color of clothes affects your well-being, mood, and even success. Light waves of various colors of clothing fabrics are reflected in the external field of your energy and inevitably act on the surrounding world. But this does not mean that you should wear only the color that corresponds to the day of the week, this means that it is desirable to include at least one attribute of clothing of this color.


How to “decompose” your wardrobe according to the colors of the days of the week:

Sunday (Solis dies – Latin). Sun Day. This day brings the energy of joy and creativity. Favorable colors in clothes: golden, yellow. Acceptable: white, pink, blue, green, all bright.

Monday (Lunae dies). Moon day. The first day of the week is an unstable and changeable mood. Favorable colors: silver, white, yellow, blue. Acceptable: pink, green, grey, chocolate, purple, all bright.

Tuesday (Marties dies). Mars Day has an active energy and competitive spirit with the desire to win. Favorable colors: red, brown. Acceptable: blue, ashen, gold, saffron, all shades of red.

Wednesday (Mercurii dies). Mercury Day is characterized by a favorable atmosphere in its active manifestations. Mercury symbolizes speech, communication, and trade, controls education, writing, purposeful thinking. Favorable colors: grey, yellow. Acceptable: green, blue, ashen, gold.

Thursday (Jovis dies). Jupiter Day is characterized by positive energy. Also, the day is characterized by success in any business: happy coincidences often fall on Thursdays. Favorable colors: purple, lilac, saffron, pink. Acceptable: red, blue, blue, green, brown, white.

Friday (Veneris dies). Venus Day is calm and harmonious energy, but on the other hand, it is characterized by strong flashes of feelings. Favorable colors: blue, turquoise, white, blue, pink, red. Acceptable: ashen, green, brown.

 Saturday (Suturni dies). Saturn Day is shrouded in a mysterious energy of self-immersion and self-knowledge. Favorable colors: black, dark blue, grey. Acceptable: brown, green.

What Color Matches Your Zodiac?

Studies have shown that different colors can have a powerful effect on people. From the color of a room to the color of your clothes, each hue has its own unique psychological meaning and influence on our psyche. By making a correlation between zodiac signs and colors, we can discover unique things about our personalities and tastes.

Find your sign to see which colors are your match:

01 ariesAries: The often-intense Aries is matched with the color Scarlet Red for its burning heat, ardor and energy.

02 taurusTaurus: Yellow-Green is the color of Taurus, symbolizing the birth of nature, spring and desire.

03 geminiGemini: Orange-Yellow is matched with Gemini, representing intellectualism and changeability of thought.

04 cancerCancer: Cancer’s color is Light Emerald, a symbol of inner vibration, unstable emotions and a need for others support.

05 leoLeo: Rich Orange, tinged with brown, is the color of Leo, 14 color-circles-414637_640representing energy, will power and spiritual abundance.

06 virgoVirgo: Virgo’s color is Grey, which is grounded in security, stability and comfort.

07 libraLibra: Light Lemon is paired with Libra as it represents sympathy, 14 color-circles-414637_640mutual understanding and chivalry.

08 scorpioScorpio: What better color for Scorpio than Dark Red, which symbolizes passion, power and intrigue.

09 sagittariusSagittarius: Ultra-Marine Blue is the color of Sagittarius, symbolizing friendship, camaraderie, loyalty and harmony.

10 capricornCapricorn: Brown-Black is matched with Capricorn because it represents stability, silence and an ambition to finding truth.

11 aquariusAquarius: Aquarius’s colors is Light Blue for its fluid, watery hue, inspiring a sense of infinite perspective.

12 piscesPisces: Lilac-Violet is matched with Pisces, representing mystery and patience, as well as gloom and repentance.


Horoscope Fashion: Your Style Written In The Stars

We all have our own unique individuality. And we express ourselves in different ways. But at the root of it all, our tastes in clothes and fashion are ultimately defined by our zodiac sign.

So, what does your zodiac sign say about YOUR sense of style? Find your sign below to find out.

01 ariesAries: Aries is often the trendsetter, unafraid to experiment with new styles, accessories and unique layers – even if the clothes are hand-me-downs.

02 taurusTaurus: The “hot new trend” isn’t important to Taurus – but here’s what is: quality. Taurus leans more toward timeless and classic, but no matter what the style, the garments must be well made.

03 geminiGemini: Gemini isn’t associated with one particular style, because their tastes change frequently. They try everything. Not surprisingly, they also have the largest wardrobes.

04 cancerCancer: Cancer loves to accessorize and layer. Winter is their favorite season, because they can wrap themselves in multiple layers and textures.

05 leoLeo: Leo likes bright, yet not overpowering colors. Leos tend to be among the best-dressed in the zodiac, regardless of the style – as long as the clothing fits.

06 virgoVirgo: Virgo is very practical about his wardrobe. Looking stylish is a bonus, but it’s more important that the clothes meet the need (for the day’s weather), that they’re well-made and fit right.

12 Woman-with-Beautiful-Makeup-600x37507 libraLibra: Female Libras like to incorporate clothing generally associated with men, such as ties, blazers and trousers. Male Libras understand more than anyone that their outfits are dictated by the place, time and activity.

08 scorpioScorpio: Scorpios are all about sex appeal – even if they don’t consciously realize it. They lean toward clothing that accentuates (or reveals) their features and turns heads.

09 sagittariusSagittarius: For Sagittarius, fashion is a social-driven decision. Clothing is chosen to appear more prosperous or appear above their actual/true social status.

10 capricornCapricorn: Capricorns are the least showy of the zodiacs. They tend to dress conservatively, opting to stay away from flashy or attention-grabbing looks that other signs love.

11 aquariusAquarius: Aquarius doesn’t get dressed without thinking of how the outfit will be perceived by others. Bright, bold and sometimes outrageous looks are typically preferred over more traditional styles.

12 piscesPisces: Pisces is the slowest to adapt to new fashion trends – not because they’re worried how they look, but because they buy clothes to make them last and they wear those clothes with confidence.