Cancer Love Compatibility

1354919228_480px-zodiac_wheelCancer is extraordinary sensitive and peaceful. Financial stability, home comfort and confidence in the future plays a great role in Cancer’s life. His partner must be a strong-willed person who will survive the storms of life and protect in difficult situations. Cancer will be grateful for mutuality, and sometimes is eager to sacrifice for the sake of the relationships.

falling-stars-clipart-blue-star-17Cancer and Aries: It’s a pity, but Aries is not the best choice for Cancer. Lack of patience and passionate nature of Aries are too destructive for sensitive nature of Cancer.

falling-stars-clipart-blue-star-17Cancer and Taurus: Taurus is one of the most suitable partners for Cancer for long, happy and stable relationships. Both representatives of the zodiac are homebodies, who are keen on tasty food and high quality life. This couple can live together quite happily!taurus-and-cancer-compatibility

falling-stars-clipart-blue-star-17Cancer and Gemini: You should not consider this pair as something long-term. Sooner or later, the two-faced nature of Gemini will present an unexpected and offensive surprise to Cancer.

falling-stars-clipart-blue-star-17Cancer and Cancer: Emotional problems may exist in such union. None of the Cancers can see the positive side of this kind of relationships. Each person of this union will carry on their own problems.

falling-stars-clipart-blue-star-17Cancer and Leo: Leo is always a leader and enjoys attracting attention, so Cancer will often feel abandoned. Despite the fact that Leo can help Cancer in organizing different projects, Cancer’s complaining may turn his partner away from him.

falling-stars-clipart-blue-star-17Cancer and Virgo: There will be always the lack of passion in this union. But it doesn’t matter either of the signs. Safety and family hearth are more important for homebody Cancer and practical Virgo.

falling-stars-clipart-blue-star-17Cancer and Libra: Libra needs harmony and different entertainments, but these needs aren’t really suitable for Cancer. Cancer values his emotional stability and would prefer to stay at home than to have an exciting adventure.

falling-stars-clipart-blue-star-17Cancer and Scorpio: These signs are usually very attractive to each other, but their relationships often have some problems. However, they can easily overcome them. This union has the potential to develop into a real long-term relationship!

falling-stars-clipart-blue-star-17Cancer and Sagittarius: Lucky Sagittarius is too primitive for Cancer, but the otherness of each other is what attracts partners in this alliance. Yet, frankly speaking, this is not the best choice for long-term relationships.cancer-and-sagittarius-compatibility

falling-stars-clipart-blue-star-17Cancer and Capricorn: This pair is full of passion! But Capricorn is always short of time and does not like long dating and flirting with Cancer. However, Cancer can get more financial independence, confidence in the future and security from such relationships.

falling-stars-clipart-blue-star-17Cancer and Aquarius: Cancer is too sensitive to Aquarius’ detachment. Such unions aren’t built on honest relationships and there is always misunderstanding between partners.

falling-stars-clipart-blue-star-17Cancer and Pisces: Only a union of hearts can accommodate so much passion. Cancer and Pisces – probably the two most sensitive signs of the zodiac. Both partners understand each other easily, both play in the same game of love. This relationship can be successful only if the connection is honest and mutual.


Gemini Love Compatibility

1354919228_480px-zodiac_wheelGemini tend to search for their ideal partner constantly. Such people are very passionate in love. However, being in constant search, they usually do not plan long-term romance. In general, the dual nature of the sign determines its charm and attractiveness to other people.

falling-stars-clipart-blue-star-17Gemini and Aries. The extraordinary power of such combination unites both partners with incredible force, but these relations can be very risky. Spontaneity makes this union short term.

falling-stars-clipart-blue-star-17Gemini and Taurus. When time passes, the differences in the characters of both partners become so obvious that such relationships can’t survive. Passion passes and Taurus realizes that he is too tied to one place, while Gemini pulls to conquer new horizons.

falling-stars-clipart-blue-star-17Gemini and Gemini. This alliance allows both partners to show their romantic potential. At the beginning such alliances are short-lived due to both craving for new sensations, but when passion declines, such union has a good chance to become long-term.

falling-stars-clipart-blue-star-17Gemini and Cancer. It’s not necessary to consider such alliance as long-term relations. Sooner or later, the two-faced nature of Gemini will present Cancer a very unexpected and very unpleasant surprise.

falling-stars-clipart-blue-star-17Gemini and Leo. Getting into the fascinating network of Gemini is easy. Leo is very attracted to love traps. However, changeable Gemini can make Leo furious and only a short duration of such communication will save them from problems.compatibility-love-gemini-380x235

falling-stars-clipart-blue-star-17Gemini and Virgo: The chances for happiness of such pair are very small. Dangerous, careless and changeable Gemini sees Virgo as an object of influence. It’ll be a real wonder if they can coexist for any significant length of time.

falling-stars-clipart-blue-star-17Gemini and Libra. It’s a couple of intelligent connection, which is positioned by everyone as friendship. In such relationships, both partners need some freedom and room for maneuver, which are often impossible, but if both partners are able to agree on the basic rules directly from the early beginning, this union can last long enough.

falling-stars-clipart-blue-star-17Gemini and Scorpio. This is an incredible, constant contest between two non-regular partners. In such union, illusory and changeable Gemini can drive the jealous Scorpio mad.

falling-stars-clipart-blue-star-17Gemini and Sagittarius: Polar opposites of these zodiac signs make this link particularly passionate, however, out of sight of each other these partners will pull in different directions, not only towards the partner. Both like to take risks, and too much will depend on luck!

falling-stars-clipart-blue-star-17Gemini and Capricorn: Capricorn is destined to play a secondary role in this union; he was too ambitious and busy to unravel the notes of insincerity of Gemini. Future of such combination is very foggy; relationships within such pair will not be frank.

falling-stars-clipart-blue-star-17Gemini and Aquarius. Thirst for adventure, freedom and other similar quality can connect a pair, both partners will be really happy to spend some time in each other’s company, but if they do not moderate their appetites for new sensations, such union will not last long.

falling-stars-clipart-blue-star-17Gemini and Pisces. It’s an ardent and passionate union, often resulting in serious emotional bursts, especially from sensitive Pisces.


Taurus Love Compatibility

1354919228_480px-zodiac_wheelQuiet, friendly and peace-loving Taurus needs love and tender feelings as well as the need for privacy, financial security and comfortable environment. One of the basic rules, which Taurus is following- is the stability in relations. Let’s see what signs are perfect for Taurus!

falling-stars-clipart-blue-star-17Taurus and Aries: This alliance shows incredible amount of passion in relationships, their love was created in heaven. If tender feelings are mutual, no doubt, they will be strong and long-term!ZODIANZ-ARIES-AND-TAURUS-2016

falling-stars-clipart-blue-star-17Taurus and Taurus: Very good alliance in love relationships, gentle hugs and passionate kisses. However, two pretty lazy and passive Taurus can hardly adapt for the challenges of real life.

falling-stars-clipart-blue-star-17Taurus and Gemini: Soon, the differences in the characters of both partners will become so obvious that they couldn’t hold such relations anymore. First passion passes, and after it comes the realization that Taurus is too tied to one place, while the Twin wants to conquer new horizons.

falling-stars-clipart-blue-star-17Taurus and Cancer: Taurus – one of the best partners of Cancer, this alliance promises long and stable relationships. Both representatives of the zodiac are homebodies, who enjoy good food, luxury and quality of life. This couple can stay quite happily.

falling-stars-clipart-blue-star-17Taurus and Leo: It is a bad connection to the Taurus; however, Leo finds such an alliance strong cover to their rears. Leo’s wastefulness and constant desire to change partners can be repressive on the prudent Taurus.

falling-stars-clipart-blue-star-17Taurus and Virgo: This is not the most exciting couple on earth, however, both representatives of the Zodiac share the same high standards and way of life, of course, such relationships last for a long time and is especially beautiful during the second half of life.

falling-stars-clipart-blue-star-17Taurus and Libra: This alliance is valuable in its ambiguity. Both partners appreciate the comfort and beautiful things, both have good taste, however, the original sense of ownership of Taurus can cause a lot of controversy. However, if the balance is considered that the relationship is worth it, such union can last for a long time.Compatibility-1024x566

falling-stars-clipart-blue-star-17Taurus and Scorpio: Polar opposites that, in a fantastic way can quite succeed together. Taurus is stable and loyal enough to satisfy the intense nature of Scorpio. Both appreciate the long-term alliances and want to work on them together.

falling-stars-clipart-blue-star-17Taurus and Sagittarius: To comply with all requirements of Sagittarius, Taurus leads too measured and structured way of life. Such union is highly questionable, Taurus finds Sagittarius as a wanderer with no apparent guidance.

falling-stars-clipart-blue-star-17Taurus and Capricorn: In addition to passionate love in relationships, this couple has a lot in common in everyday life, which makes such alliance very viable and perspective.

falling-stars-clipart-blue-star-17Taurus and Aquarius: This alliance is rather controversial, in a similar combination of both partners are equal and often do not claim to leadership. However, secretive and closed characters of both partners can lead to misunderstandings in their relationships.

falling-stars-clipart-blue-star-17Taurus and Pisces: Perhaps this couple never comes to ardent passion in their relationships, but tenderness and care for both partners will exist. Such union as honey – sweet, intoxicating and stringy, it’s hard to say good bye to such relations. The only problem with these lovers can become a kind of third force, able to reduce the passion of one of the partners.