What color to wear on a particular day of the week

Inappropriate color creates a dissonance that knocks us out of the “stream of luck.” The color of clothes affects your well-being, mood, and even success. Light waves of various colors of clothing fabrics are reflected in the external field of your energy and inevitably act on the surrounding world. But this does not mean that you should wear only the color that corresponds to the day of the week, this means that it is desirable to include at least one attribute of clothing of this color.


How to “decompose” your wardrobe according to the colors of the days of the week:

Sunday (Solis dies – Latin). Sun Day. This day brings the energy of joy and creativity. Favorable colors in clothes: golden, yellow. Acceptable: white, pink, blue, green, all bright.

Monday (Lunae dies). Moon day. The first day of the week is an unstable and changeable mood. Favorable colors: silver, white, yellow, blue. Acceptable: pink, green, grey, chocolate, purple, all bright.

Tuesday (Marties dies). Mars Day has an active energy and competitive spirit with the desire to win. Favorable colors: red, brown. Acceptable: blue, ashen, gold, saffron, all shades of red.

Wednesday (Mercurii dies). Mercury Day is characterized by a favorable atmosphere in its active manifestations. Mercury symbolizes speech, communication, and trade, controls education, writing, purposeful thinking. Favorable colors: grey, yellow. Acceptable: green, blue, ashen, gold.

Thursday (Jovis dies). Jupiter Day is characterized by positive energy. Also, the day is characterized by success in any business: happy coincidences often fall on Thursdays. Favorable colors: purple, lilac, saffron, pink. Acceptable: red, blue, blue, green, brown, white.

Friday (Veneris dies). Venus Day is calm and harmonious energy, but on the other hand, it is characterized by strong flashes of feelings. Favorable colors: blue, turquoise, white, blue, pink, red. Acceptable: ashen, green, brown.

 Saturday (Suturni dies). Saturn Day is shrouded in a mysterious energy of self-immersion and self-knowledge. Favorable colors: black, dark blue, grey. Acceptable: brown, green.

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