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Delays can be frustrating, especially when you feel that it's critical that something get done, yet everyone involved seems to be dragging their feet. Relax, because it's not too late for whatever you're waiting for to get done. Gently reminding other people of due dates will work better in this case than shouts and threats.


If anything, you will feel really confident in your relationships with family and friends today, so that should make the day more than enjoyable for you. It's a good time to foster better connections with people, so do try to work on knowing people better.


Take care of the little things that bug you, even if you think they're too small-fry to really make much of a difference. These pesky problems may be a lot bigger than they at first appear to be! It will do you good to get them out of the way before moving on to more important things.


It’s the same principle as taking a car for a test run before buying it: try things out before you commit your time and resources to them. A project may look like it’s a good use of your time, but you may discover that that is not the case at all! People might not take kindly to your wanting to try before you buy (metaphorically speaking), but that’s no reason for you to ignore this issue. Stick to your guns; don’t push on without confirming this is a good idea for you. Towards the end of the week, you will get a little extra time on your hands, and your energy and brain power will be perfect at this point to do a little planning. Give yourself the opportunity to really think things through. The coming days may not shape up exactly as you planned them, but at the very least you can prepare yourself.


You’re feeling critical right now, so it’s best to stay away from situations that could get tense or explosive. Try to remain on good terms with everyone and leave problems where they are for another day. No point in dragging out all the issues when you’re not ready to handle them.


This Tuesday is a perfect day to make new ambitions and to make struggle accordingly and finally getting your dreams to be accomplished. The possibility could be any either you are supposed to find a new house of your own wish with everything in it that you have ever wished for or you are supposed to sign a big contract with a company. It is also predicted that you would be involved in such an activity this Tuesday where you will perform something new with self-confidence and more attention towards that particular thing. The lucky numbers are following: 4 and 68.


There is someone in your life who has great analytical ability and could really give you great advice. Go to that person for help with a difficult problem. If you don't think you know anyone like that, look back and think of who has demonstrated really good sense in the past. That could be the person you need!


Lately, you may have been feeling like your job is as tedious and boring as you feared. Nonetheless, you remain bright and conscientious at the office. As the months have passed, you’ve been given tougher assignments and your competence has allowed you to complete them quickly and effectively. This week will be an important one for change and finally getting the recognition that has been long overdue. Make sure that in this key period you are especially nice to everybody around you—it counts double points this week. Remember, you originally sought out work that would be a challenge--and if you can continue to handle it with grace, by the end of the week, it will lead to success and advancement. You're one of the shining stars in the workplace, and people like collaborating with you. Just don’t let it go to your head. If you want to advance, the proper balance of a little humility with your natural leadership and easy eloquence will carry you the distance.


Watch out that your generosity is not taken advantage of by those who do not value such traits. Sometimes it's difficult to tell when people don't have honest motives, but this time it should be clear. Anyone who repeatedly calls on you to do favors for them, but never seems grateful, should be avoided.


It's important that you are as subtle as possible while trying to get to the bottom of a mystery today. If you are too blunt or obvious, you might end up angering someone involved or scaring them off. Do things behind the scenes, if you want to avoid getting caught.


The real world will be a lot duller and maybe a little bleaker than your dream world, but unfortunately, it's where you have to be today! Try to push aside whatever fantasies you have for now. They will still be there for you when you're done attending to what you need to do.


The only person standing in your way right now is yourself. If you want to accomplish something, then you need to take action to make sure you do it! Be proactive about your life and what you want to do with it. Don't allow yourself to just sit back and rest on your laurels.


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Cancer – Cancer want to buy a good size car with kitchen and bathroom! Colour – green.
Leo – Their car must be respectable car like a Mercedes, BMW, Audi. Colour – only gold!
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Audis and Acuras. Colour – blacks, gray/silvers.
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