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An argument will erupt, mostly due to some dishonesty on your part or the other person's part. Remember that this was the original source of the dispute, and act accordingly. Attempt to fix anything in yourself that is to blame, and also make yourself clear on what you expect from this person in how they deal with you.


You wanted to start things over, so let them begin again with a fresh outlook. Do not drag the past into this. While it can be useful to draw upon your past to figure things out in your present, that would be damaging to the concept of a fresh beginning, so try to stay in the present.


When you believe that a loved one is making a mistake, it can be difficult to let go and allow them to live their life. You should battle that urge to control, because it will only push your loved one away (which could be even more damaging than their mistake). Show your support for them, no matter what.


The situation in your house is about to shift as your common emotionally stable house becomes filled with different mood swings by the people who live there that will really mess things up. Keep in mind that you may have to be the one to calm everyone down and most likely it will be you that has to restore order to the group. Put your best foot forward and take it on head first because it will be up to you, and only you, to do all of this so that you can enjoy the peace and serenity once more. Lucky numbers are the following: 29 and 77


You will be feeling very loving and positive today, which should translate into a great day for you! Others will be feeding off your great energy, so more than likely the people you interact with will be equally pleasant to you as you are to them. Enjoy your day!


There's a lot that you need to get done, and some of it may require you to be in control of certain feelings. This is easier said than done. You may find your emotions getting the best of you, e.g. choking up when you want to be strong, laughing when you want to be serious. Do your best, but don't expect to be emotionless.


Don't overdo it today. This applies to anything: exercise, food, drink, even socializing. Now is not the time to fill your schedule and pile on the activities. Give yourself a break, so that you can avoid the kind of exhaustion that any excessive behavior will lead to.


Keep your eyes on the prize, Aquarius, and concentrate on the things most likely to get you ahead. For most people, this will involve your career. Put all your focus into what you need to do to improve or change your career, and you will find the pieces to the puzzle falling into place.


You will be vindicated in a hotly-contested debate with loved ones. Don't be so quick to say, "I told you so," however. This will only lead to more arguing. If you have stubborn personalities among your family and friends, it is best to gently present your evidence and then quietly triumph!


It's OK to occasionally backtrack; you don't always have to be charging ahead. Let yourself take a moment to reminisce or ponder your past or the way things were. You might even need to revert to the way you once were; that's all right as long as you're doing what's in your heart.


Don't rely on the usual sources of information today. You may need to go deeper and pursue unusual avenues in order to learn more about something. There's a wealth of knowledge out there, so tap into it when you have the opportunity to do so! You can learn a lot today.


Making changes that last requires determination and willpower. If you let yourself slack off, you may find yourself falling back into old, bad habits. Before you know it, you may fall off the wagon entirely. Watch out for those internal alarm bells that are telling you that you are in the danger zone once more.


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