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You need to get yourself in gear as far as your job is concerned. You may have slipped into a bit of a lazy period, and you are not quite putting your all into your work. Pick yourself back up, and get your head back into your job, because there could be repercussions if you do not!


Being different from someone does not mean that you can’t get along! Instead of assuming that a friendship or partnership is not possible with a person who seems to be your polar opposite, approach them with an open mind and an open heart. You could have a lot more common ground than you might have thought! And even if you don’t, it never hurts to try to get to know someone and be civil. Watch out for a period of carelessness on your part, sometime in the mid to late week. You could lose some precious articles during this time, and it would be a shame to let that happen out of a mere lack of attention. Remember to take stock of your personal possessions before leaving a public place, for instance.


There will be a solution to a problem, but you may not like it. That doesn't mean you shouldn't follow through. Remind yourself of the good that might come from this, and power through. Don't keep your ideas from anyone either, out of a misguided notion of protecting them from the truth.


The early part of this week will stress how important it is to work hard at the things you want. Whether your focus is on career, family, your social life, or a combination of priorities, you can succeed where it matters most if you put in enough effort. It might also end up being worth it to take the occasional risk or two – sometimes you need to leap before you look, if you want to make it big or go for the gold. As the week wraps up, things might seem a little steadier, meaning you may not have to put in quite so much work to make things go right. While this is an encouraging sign of your progress, it may also seem a bit dull to you in comparison to the drive you felt in earlier days.


A recent mistake might have affected you in ways that you wouldn't have predicted. Try not to beat yourself up over it. Everyone makes errors from time to time, and it's better for you to forgive yourself that and move on than to wallow in it! Pick yourself up and start again.


If the past few weeks have been feeling especially difficult, Virgo, you will be relieved to know that this week is going to be better than the previous ones. Finally, and noticeably, the tension you have been experiencing will definitely lighten up! You are tougher than most, and a markedly lower stress level should bring relief that will keep you healthy both in body and in mind. Not a minute too soon, as you’ve been feeling run down and under the weather of late. While you have been considering the option of making some major changes in your life - such as a new residence or a more challenging job - you'll deal with them, in due time. This week is about letting yourself regroup. Take heart knowing that you have gotten yourself through the worst of it and now you are ready to take on the world with a renewed energy. It will be lovely how easy it seems! Reward yourself this week with some of the little pleasures you have been denying yourself for too long—you deserve it.


It will be a good idea today to share your ideas with trusted loved ones and people who can further you in some way. Your ingenuity could spark something in them, which in turn might open doors for you. No matter what, the act of sharing will strengthen bonds.


Career will be your focus today, and there might be some things -- small or large -- that you can do to get yourself a little higher on that ladder. Whether this has short-term or long-term effects is really up to the situation, but however it comes, this should mean good things for you! Keep striving, and keep working.


The longer you wait to go ahead and take action, the longer it will take for you to reach success. Don't procrastinate when it comes to things that could raise your status or improve your place in the world. Be confident in your abilities, and forge ahead! You will succeed much faster than you thought you would.


Your enthusiasm today is going to be what impresses people the most, so don't try to curb it! Let yourself be as loud as you want to be about how you feel, because others are going to start echoing what you say. This could be a huge motivator for your team.


Unfortunately, the way things look on the surface won't tell you much about what's actually going on. You're going to have to dig deeper, which will mean more time and effort on your part. However, having an accurate picture will be more than worthwhile for you!


There is something important you need to do, but you are tempted to move it down your list of priorities. Whether this comes out of fear or just laziness, try to conquer it! Take the time to get this thing done now, before it turns into a big hassle hanging over your head.


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