Driver Survey – Which Sun Sign Is The Worst Driver

Suncorp Metway Ltd. (a well-known Australian Financial Service) has recently ranked car accident participants by zodiac sign in a study of 160 000 car accident claims over a 3 year period. Well, here is what they discovered:

The #1 worst drivers were people born under the Gemini sign. They are usually described as easily bored, restless and often frustrated by things moving really slowly. No surprise Gemini had more accidents than any other zodiac sign.

2nd and 3d places go to Taurus and Pisces. While Taurus is thought to be obstinate and inflexible, Pisces are typical risk-takers.

And Capricorns, who surprisingly came last on this list, are typically described as careful and patient individuals.

The rest part of the list of zodiac signs looks like this (in ascending order): Virgo – Cancer – Aquarius – Aries – Leo – Libra – Sagittarius – Scorpio – Capricorn.Traffic accident and to drivers fighting

And the fact is, the signs in the 10th and 11th positions are the exact opposites of those in 1st and 2nd positions. It reveals the polarity patterns: Sagittarius vs Gemini & Scorpio vs Taurus.

Let’s say, Sagittarius individuals may stay safe in their cars just the way they do in their everyday life: simply by having highly-developed minds as well as intuition.

Scorpios, on the contrary, may stay safe because they are densely linked to the inner lives of other signs, they are sensitive to energy of others. While Taurus, their opposite sign, avoids such information.

What is your zodiac sign? Whatever your sign is, let’s all be safe on the road!


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