Horoscope for November 2018

According to the horoscope for November 2018, this month will be very ambivalent, so important matters and meetings are better planned for its beginning, before the new moon, which will take place on November 7 at 19:03.

In the period up to November 17, 2018, you can very successfully draw a line on business, undertakings, get good dividends from past efforts and make major purchases. It is worth noting that on November 6, Uranus will leave the Taurus sign and, as a result of retrograde movement, will go back to Aries. This will cause many people to experience a state of inadequacy, introversion, and energy or creative stagnation on New Moon. At this time, it will be very difficult to make plans, plan new frontiers and reach the right and right decisions because of some uncertainty or the wrong reaction to what is happening.

But from November 8, 2018 (15:39) there will come a more favorable period, due to the fact that Jupiter will leave the sign of Scorpio and enter the sign of Sagittarius. This is quite an important and long-term aspect, since the energy restructuring that will accompany this transit will allow many people, especially fire and air signs, to discover new directions or prospects for work and creativity. Many will show themselves in a new way in the public and political sphere, expand business contacts and acquire business partners. In a society, important laws can be passed or directions for business and its development can be created. Therefore, in the first half of November it is very important to consolidate past relations or transfer them to a higher or more promising level. Try to do this before November 17, when Mercury begins its retrograde movement.

On November 16, 2018, Mars will enter the sign of Pisces, and the Ascending Lunar Knot – as a sign of Cancer, which, most likely, will create obstacles in business and misunderstanding in mutual relations. And although on November 16, Venus will begin its direct movement, but Mercury will bring in its destructive energies on November 17 at 4:27, so the initial agreements may be revised, and unfulfilled promises will interfere with the plans and intentions of many people. Moreover, the negative state of the Earth’s biosphere will make this period extremely tense and disharmonious. This will contribute to a strong and aggressive moon, which goes to the full moon (November 23 at 08:40). It will gain its strength in the disharmonious aspect of the quadrature between Mars and Jupiter (November 20 at 04:34) and in the transition of the Sun on November 22 into the sign of Sagittarius.

November 23, 2018 is the full moon day itself, extremely negative due to the large number of oppositions – the Moon to the Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, and also because of the square of the Moon to Mars. This is the hardest and most unpleasant day of the whole month, increasing criminality, accident rate, various injuries and conflicts. Be careful during this period and do not get involved in disputes and showdowns.

November 26, 2018 The Sun in conjunction with Jupiter will fill people with more harmonious energies, but because of Mercury in square with Mars, communication, business and business will become overly dynamic, unpromising and chaotic. Also, this period, refrain from traveling, signing contracts, holding important meetings or creating long-term relationships.

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