One of the best parables of King Solomon – where all the wisdom of the world is collected


When King Solomon descended from the mountain, after the meeting of the sunrise, those gathered at the foot said: “You are a source of inspiration for us.” Your words transform hearts. And your wisdom enlightens the mind. We long to listen to you. Tell us: who are we?

He smiled and said:

– You are the light of the world. You are the stars. You are the temple of truth. In each of you is the Universe. Immerse the mind in your heart, ask your heart, listen through your love. Blessed are those who know the language of God.

– What is a sense of life?

– Life is the path, goal and reward. Life is a dance of love. Your mission is to bloom. BE is a great gift to the world. Your life is the story of the universe. And therefore life is more beautiful than all theories. Treat life as a holiday, for life is valuable in itself. Life consists of the present. And the meaning of the present is to be in the present.

– Why are misfortunes pursuing us?

– What is sown, then collect. Unhappiness is your choice. Poverty is a human creation. And bitterness is the fruit of ignorance. Blaming, losing power, and lust, dispel happiness. Wake up, for the beggar is the one who does not realize himself. But those who did not find the kingdom of God inside are homeless. The poor becomes the one who wastes time. Do not turn life into stagnation. Don’t let the mob ruin your soul. Yes, wealth will not be your curse.

– How to overcome misfortune?

– Do not judge yourself. For you are divine. Do not compare or separate. Give thanks for everything. Rejoice, for joy works wonders. Love yourself, for all who love themselves love themselves. Bless the danger, for the brave find bliss. Pray in joy – and misfortune will bypass you. Pray, but do not bargain with God. And know that praise is the best prayer, and happiness is the best food for the soul.

– What is the path to happiness?

– Happy who love, happy who give thanks. Happy pacified. Happy who have found paradise in themselves. Happy are those who give in joy and who are happy to receive gifts with joy. Happy seekers. Happy are those who have awakened. Happy are those who listen to the voice of God. Happy to fulfill their purpose. Happy to know Oneness. Those who have tasted God-contemplation are happy. Happy being in harmony. Happy enlightened beauty of the world. Happy to open the sun. Happy flowing like a river. Happy ready to accept happiness. Happy wise. Happy self-realized. Happy lovers of themselves. Happy praising life. Happy creators. Happy free. Happy forgiving.

– What is the secret of abundance?

– Your life is the greatest jewel in the treasury of God. And God is the jewel of the heart of man. The wealth inside you is inexhaustible, and the abundance around you is limitless. The world is rich enough for everyone to become rich. Therefore, the more you give, the more you get. Happiness is at your doorstep. Open to abundance. And turn everything into the gold of life. Blessed are those who find the treasures in themselves.

– How to live in the light?

– Drink from every moment of life, for unlived life begets sadness. And know what is inside, then what is outside. The darkness of the world – from the darkness in the heart. Happiness is the sunrise. Contemplation is the dissolution in the light. Enlightenment is the shine of a thousand suns. Blessed are they who thirst for the light.

– How to find harmony?

– Live easy. Do not harm anyone. Do not be jealous. Let doubts clear, not bring impotence. Devote life to the beautiful. Create for the sake of creativity, and not for the sake of recognition. Treat your neighbors as revelations. Transform the past, forgetting it. Bring new things to the world. Fill your body with love. Become the energy of love, for love inspires everything. Where love is, there is God.

– How to achieve the perfection of life?

– Happy transforms many. The unfortunate remain slaves, for happiness loves freedom. Truly, joy is where Freedom is. Comprehend the art of happiness. Open to the world and the world will open to you. Refusing to confront, you become the ruler. And, looking at everyone with love, he added: – But the Silence will reveal much more to you … Just be yourself! Live in harmony! Be yourself!