What Color Matches Your Zodiac?

Studies have shown that different colors can have a powerful effect on people. From the color of a room to the color of your clothes, each hue has its own unique psychological meaning and influence on our psyche. By making a correlation between zodiac signs and colors, we can discover unique things about our personalities and tastes.

Find your sign to see which colors are your match:

Aries: The often-intense Aries is matched with the color Scarlet Red for its burning heat, ardor and energy.

Taurus: Yellow-Green is the color of Taurus, symbolizing the birth of nature, spring and desire.

Gemini: Orange-Yellow is matched with Gemini, representing intellectualism and changeability of thought.

Cancer: Cancer’s color is Light Emerald, a symbol of inner vibration, unstable emotions and a need for others support.

Leo: Rich Orange, tinged with brown, is the color of Leo, 14 color-circles-414637_640representing energy, will power and spiritual abundance.

Virgo: Virgo’s color is Grey, which is grounded in security, stability and comfort.

Libra: Light Lemon is paired with Libra as it represents sympathy, 14 color-circles-414637_640mutual understanding and chivalry.

Scorpio: What better color for Scorpio than Dark Red, which symbolizes passion, power and intrigue.

Sagittarius: Ultra-Marine Blue is the color of Sagittarius, symbolizing friendship, camaraderie, loyalty and harmony.

Capricorn: Brown-Black is matched with Capricorn because it represents stability, silence and an ambition to finding truth.

Aquarius: Aquarius’s colors is Light Blue for its fluid, watery hue, inspiring a sense of infinite perspective.

Pisces: Lilac-Violet is matched with Pisces, representing mystery and patience, as well as gloom and repentance.

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