What’s your birthstone?

Birthstones are gemstones that are associated with your zodiac sign. Each one, as it vibrates closest a particular zodiac, has a unique meaning and historical significance. Zodiac birthstones have used by civilizations for thousands of years to determine a person’s luck, health, prosperity and fate.

Since birthstones are unique to each person’s birth date, they are great for incorporating into jewelry. A necklace, for example, can be made more special and individualized by adding the color of your birthstone, rather than a generic pendant. Many believe it can also bring good luck and fortune to those who wear their birthstones.

Use the list below to find the birthstone for your zodiac sign: 17 diamond-316610_640

01 ariesAries
Zodiac Birthstone: Diamond
Ruling Planet: Mars
Zodiac Element: Fire

02 taurusTaurus
Zodiac Birthstone: Emerald
Ruling Planet: Venus
Zodiac Element: Earth

03 geminiGemini
Zodiac Birthstone: Pearl
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Zodiac Element: Air

04 cancerCancer
Zodiac Birthstone: Ruby
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Zodiac Element: Water

05 leoLeo
Zodiac Birthstone: Peridot
Ruling Planet: The Sun
Zodiac Element: Fire

06 virgoVirgo
Zodiac Birthstone: Sapphire
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Zodiac Element: Earth

07 libraLibra
Zodiac Birthstone: Opal
Ruling Planet: Venus
Zodiac Element: Air

08 scorpioScorpio
Zodiac Birthstone: Topaz
Ruling Planet: Pluto
Zodiac Element: Water

09 sagittariusSagittarius
Zodiac Birthstone: Turquoise
Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Zodiac Element: Fire

10 capricornCapricorn
Zodiac Birthstone: Garnet
Ruling Planet: Saturn
Zodiac Element: Earth

11 aquariusAquarius
Zodiac Birthstone: Amethyst
Ruling Planet: Uranus
Zodiac Element: Air

12 piscesPisces
Zodiac Birthstone: Aquamarine
Ruling Planet: Neptune
Zodiac Element: Water


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