Which Sign Is Most Likely To Have A Criminal Arrest Record?

Astrologers (and we believe, some police officers, too) have turned to breaking down an individual’s sun sign to reveal some insight into who’s on his way to be arrested sooner or later. Some open record search services have even begun to link criminal records with horoscope data in their reports.

In a study done by the Chatham-Kent Police Department, 203 of out of 1,986 arrestees  were Aries – the most frequently sign in the pool of members so far.

02 which signWhile Aries individuals are regularly depicted as free, liberal, and hopeful, they can likewise be amazingly immature and irritable if things don’t go their direction. These signs tend to be indiscreet, restless, and irascible. Aries is the indication of the warrior. And his warrior-soul gets the battering smash in boiling hot water with cops.

Libra comes in at number two.

Shockingly, the second most regular sign among people who were captured is Libra. While we regularly think about this adjusted sign as being strategic and smooth, he can likewise be shallow, vain, and conceited.

What zodiac sign is LEAST likely to be arrested?

The shocks keep on emering from the Chatham-Kent Police Department. Believe it or not, the most improbable sign to be arrested is Sagittarius. Unlike the passionate child of the zodiac, Aries, Sagittarius individuals are cool and free. They are smooth. They can talk anyone into anything. But it’s likely that Sagittarius has a low capture rate not on the grounds that this sign perpetrates less criminal acts, but because he essentially gets caught less. As simple as that!


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